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Step On Guides - The Original ... Gold Coast - The Tour

     YES, we have Step-On Guides for ALL tours in New England and Nearby New York.


   Our Historian / Guides for "Gold Coast - The Tour" ... will share stories of many of the hundreds of celebrities who have lived, worked, and played, in the area of the Gold Coast for the past 400 years beginning with Chief Chickens and the Pequot Indians (1637) - and So Many MORE Stories.


     Our Step On Guides are carefully chosen for their Knowledge, Experience, EQ = Entertainment Quotient, and their ability to be flexible when adjustments are necessary. Go ahead - ask them questions ? While they don't know everything, they sure know a lot about - history, geography, gossip, ... Juicy gossip, actually - and ALL intended to be just Pure - FUN.


     First Stop ? Willoughby, of course, then Putnam's Landing                          and, 1164 Morning Glory Circle,  if we can find it.                                        

- Our Gold Coast - The Touris the ORIGINAL and ONLY Tour where you can enjoy ALL of the local stories.  


    NOTE Should anyone ask, we only know the "happy, FUN, and good stories" about our celebrities and we honor and protect their privacy at all times.

The 2-Hour  Gold Coast - The Tour 

-  is Available 2 Ways  f$250pm

  1.      YOUR Motorcoach   ... Gold Coast - The Tour ...
  2. ... Gold Coast - The Tour ... is also included on some of OUR other 472 COMPLETE 1-Day and Overnight tours on YOUR  Motorcoach or  ... OUR MotorcoachSee Our complete   - Connecticut TOUR Itineraries for details.

     YES.   We ALSO offer Regional Step-On Guides

- highly specialized, Entertaining, Tour Guides and Historians, throughout New England and Nearby New York. Step-On Guides ADD to Your enjoyment and enrich Your Tour experience - Our Tour Guides answer Your questions and also answer Questions You never thought of asking.


     We Also offer You - Tour Directors, Tour Managers, Tour Escorts. and Meet & Greet's - Per Day, Per Week, Per Tour, or Seasonal Contracts

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Step On Guides

A Local Historian  is a Great Addition to Any Tour

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We do All the Work.

You have All the FUN.

The Black Duck a Local Hotspot to Eat, Drink, & Be Merry  !!
The Most Unique Place in Town !!      On Food TV in "Diners & Dives"
Saugatuck's Bridge all Decked out for the Holidays !
Westport-Saugatuck MetroNorth Railroad Station  Ask for "Gart"