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... Gold Coast - The Tour ... Fairfield County of the Rich & Famous ...

The Absolute Highlight of ANY Tour to New England

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The Absolute Highlight of Your Tour to New England


Are You Planning to Tour New England on a Motorcoach ?

Do You Have an Extra Hour ? ... or an Entire Day ?

Now you can See for YOURSELF  what you've only heard about ...

... GOLD COAST - The Tour ...

217 Movie Stars & Celebrities - Their Home Towns

MORE than in any other ZIP Code - besides Beverly Hills 

Fairfield CountyHome of the Rich and Famous

 Available ALL Year 

 Question ?     ... What do ... 

     Paul Newman, Martha Stewart, Michael Bolton, Don Imus, the Pequot Indians, the English Army, Rodney Dangerfield, Jason Robards, David Wayne, Martha Raye, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Minutemen, Phil Donohue & Marlo Thomas, Harry & Grace BannermanSusie Sea Lion, and, Yes, even, Harvey ..  ... all have in common ?

  Give Up ?  

     Well, their Hometowns and Neighborhoods, and Stories, are ALL Included on our fascinating, wonderful, FUN world of the “ Gold Coast ”, the Long Island Sound shore from Norwalk & Westport to Greens Farms, Southport, and Greenfield Hill, Connecticut.  

... There is so much for YOU to SEE, so, let's get started ... 

 Included on Your FUN ,,,  Gold Coast - The Tour      

Up to 2 Hours of  FUN in YOUR Motorcoach -or Ours               YES, We do have Our Motorcoaches available, too.  Call for Pricing

First Class Motorcoach w/ celebrity videos*(Your Coach or Ours $$)  

                                                                                                                                   *Optional Videos

 o  Gold Coast  Driving Tour - FAMOUS PEOPLE's Neighborhoods Driving Tour  I Love Lucy - Bewitched  -  Twilight Zone  -  hear ALL of the Stories

 o  Local Gossip - Lots of Movie Stars & Famous People (217+) have lived or         played here  from ... the Gish and Gabor sisters, even , Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, and Bette Davis     

 Historic Narration 

Learn about the Pequot Indians, the English Settlers,      the Onions, the coming of the Steamships and Railroads, an even what George Washington said about Westport Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton (and Hillary), and Pres Obama,too. Learn the Original Story of Global Warming 

 o  Beach & Boardwalk Stop on Long Island Sound

EXPERT LOCAL GUIDES    will give you the low-down.  Stories about   Marilyn, Jason, Darren AND Darrin Martha, Paul, Marlo, Joanne, Rodney, Phil, Donald, AND, Yes, even Harvey ... and  205+ MORE Celebs - all just waiting for  YOU.

Frst Stop ?   Willoughby, of course, then Putnam's Landing              and, 1164 Morning Glory Circleif we can find it ?


We do All the Work.

You have All the FUN.

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When you buy ANY 2+ Day Tour   Suggested Retail   $10-$20pp

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- Gold Coast-The Tour-                Movie Stars & Celebrities

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Greens Farms   MetroNorth Railroad Station
Our Famous Minuteman Statue
Learn It's Famous & Infamous History
on Your Tour !

Post Road Bridge - US Route 1

Rotary Club Rubber Ducky Festival
 TT   Specifically for TT Industry 


         … Even MORE can be Added *choose  2-4 per Day

 If You Spend the Entire Day  with Us or an Overnight  for 2+ Days

  Luncheon - at a Westport area Restaurant

 o  Breakfast & Dinner & Hotel ( per EACH Overnight )                 add  f$137ppdo

  o  Lockwood-Mathews Mansion*  TV & Movie Set - Stepford Wives - Dark Shadows

 o  Lighthouse Cruise on Long Island Sound*see Gold Coast from the  water 

  Maritime Aquarium*         - Excellent hands-on displays of "Long Island Sound" 

 o  IMAX Theatre*                   - 6-story high - Private Showing - Spectacular Movies

  o  Winery Tour and Tasting   - Family Farm Winery - very popular regionally

  o  Pt Barnum - The Tour   Visit the Town where PT was born - historic PT Sites                                               R de on the same Train Route, Station, Barnum  Museum*                                                                      - Cemetery - Tom Thumb, too.        o  Day 2-3 =     Choose ANY Other 1-Day Tour from ALL of CT, New England,                          NY Metro, Wine Trains, Hudson River Valley,

Combine YOUR  Favorite Days into  Your Perfect Tour  - NOTE - Use YOUR Imagination - or Ours ...


 NOTE - If You have MORE Time - YOU can Include the Following  

          - 1 - 2  Additional Hours   f$9pp  EACH Tour

  o  Gold Coast  Train Tour*                        - along the Long Island Sound Shoreline

  o  Movie Film Locations Train Tour*     - Filming Locations - Historic Train Route