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... Gold Coast - The Tour ... Fairfield County of the Rich & Famous ...

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... Welcome to The Original ...

... Gold Coast - The Tour  !!! ...



... Welcome to ... the Original ...


 ... Gold Coast - The Tour ... 

"Celebrated" means populated  by Celebrities


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- OK - Time for some FUN.  Pure FUN -


    Share the Magical, Mystical, Whimsical, and FUN world of Samatha and Darrin Stephens, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Gart Williams, the Stepford Wives 1 & 2, Benedict Arnold before and after, Cowboys, Glamour, Fortunes made - some lost, the demise of some Native American Indians nearby, Ghosts and Haunts, and hundreds and hundreds of well known Celebrities - both famous and infamous. You will recognize the difference.


     NOTEShould anyone ask, we know only the "happy, FUN, and "good stories" about our celebrities, and we honor and protect their privacy at all times.

     And a QUIZ ? Of course we have a QUIZ, just to be sure that you stayed with us and didn't get too distracted by the scenery.  Walk on the Boardwalk - Walk on the Beach - dip your toes in the water ... on a real Salt-Water Beach ...

- All of This, in  ONLY  2 Hours -


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... Come on, have some FUN on ...


... Gold Coast - The Tour ... 


     FUN  is what this tour is all-about. Just plain FUN and entertaining. Each of our guides has their own perspective, telling you only happy stories and gossip beginning with well-known celebrities among the local Native American Indians. YES, Indians had celebrities, too. Later, British Soldiers, Colonial Minutemen, Tories, Stone Walls, Turnpikes, Railroads, Trolleys, - and then the Gold Coast really began to grow in population. Movie Stars, Artists, Musicians, Cartoonists, TV Stars, News People, Government Officials, Everyone wanted to live and enjoy life on the Gold Coast. Hundreds, and hundreds of names that you will recognize.


See how you do on our "Pop Quiz" which is a constantly changing list of questions.   Answers to these questions,

and hundreds more answers, will be found on ...


... Gold Coast - The Tour ...  


Welcome to one of the Most "Celebrated" areas in the USA - and even in the entire World. "Celebrated" means populated by Celebrities. And, here on the Gold Coast, we have many, many, more celebrities than our share. MORE "Celebrities" than anywhere else


in the ... WORLD except Beverly Hills

(by ZIP Code)

     Going back more than 100 years ...


 Celebrities  began moving into our area towns, mostly into Westport, Connecticut, and some surrounding towns.  Very early Movie Stars, Authors, Cartoonists - and many years later - TV Celebrities, NewsMen (before there were NewsWomen) - Artists in all mediums, found a warm welcome - mostly to Westport - so they told their friends ... and hundreds more celebrities arrived - and later many celebrities were even born here, lived here - went to school here - 2 Generations of Celebrities.    ... Many more Celebrities than even WE we can include on your ...

 ... 2-hour    Guided Driving Tour -

 Your LOCAL Historian / Guide will tell you all about the history of our area from the 1600s till today, even beginning some 20,000 years ago with the arrival of the Paleo-Indians, which was even way before the Celebrities began arriving in the early 1900s.   


We Invite  YOU and YOUR Friends  to join us as we explore the wonderful - FUN WORLD - of the ORIGINAL ...


... Gold Coast - The Tour ...

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Old Town Hall

Now Two Restaurants

There are Many Westport Historic Buildings Restored to Capture the Beauty of Historic Westport & Conteporary Westport !

        Former 1924 - Westport Bank            - Now Patagonia

Lots of Local Lighthouses
        Many  Gold Coast  Beaches !                  

           Southport Savings Bank               Now a Private School

SONO Harbor  Seafood Shack !

         Westport Playhouse &         Positanos  Restaurant

Formerly Paul Newman's Dressing Room  Restaurant

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